Kubatech Porsche 997 GT2 1 AGED GT2 ALL SET TO BE DECKED UP

Kubatech Porsche 997 GT2 3 AGED GT2 ALL SET TO BE DECKED UP

Kubatech Porsche 997 GT2 AGED GT2 ALL SET TO BE DECKED UP

Kubatech, The German Tuners provide a tuning kit that upgrades the aged Porsche 997, The GT2 model.

Tuning your car is like accessorizing yourself. Your car needs to feel good too. If your car feels good, then you too will feel good. And who doesn’t want a car with high end modifications. At least, car is something you can always brag about. Considering, Porsche 997 is a fine GT car, you surely want your ride to be best on the road. Shell out some money to doll up your car and make her sprint like an ostrich! Well, it’s faster than an ostrich of course!

This tuning job takes a considerable time and the 3.6 litre turbo unit is completely revised.

Kubatech’s tuning kit has brand new manifolds and a ECU remap, modified and advanced turbochargers, air coolers with an amazing performance, new manifolds. Well, Kubatech gives a youthful look to the aged Porsche and better performance of course! All modifications and advancements are taking place below the hood. The stock car produces 680 Nm torque and 530horsepower. The tuning takes almost 6 to 8 days and costs up to 23,000.

Well, as for the engine, it includes 200 cell catalysts from the Car graphic. The stage 2 package of Kubatech allows the car to sprint up to 213 mph, 8 more than the actual stock. The company also guarantees that they have an improved version and have an improved 0 to 6- mph time too. Well, they did not specify a number.

Kubatech has also provided Car graphic exhaust which is made of high quality steel. This exhaust system improves the performance of the car.

It’s good to pamper your car. If you are thinking of buying the Porsche GT, then loosen up your pockets for the time being, and tune your GT car. Happy Shopping!

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