Algae Based Electricity to Power Futuristic Cars

IMG 2433 Algae Based Electricity to Power Futuristic Cars

Technological advancement has smoothed the way to the production of new electric powered vehicles which will be more energy efficient and fuel economic. However, this time researchers have got unprecedented success in inventing alternative energy source to generate electricity in different way. In place of lithium ion battery, algae will be utilized to produce electricity to make the car more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Iftach Yacoby is a well known researcher who has found a new way to utilize hydrogen gas for the production of electricity which will not contaminate air. He has done extensive research at MIT center which is based in USA. He has done experiment by mixing hydrogen with sugar. Algae component comes into contact with some enzymes to speed up the conversion of water into sugar. This chemical fermentation requires sunlight and good quality algae. All the future cars will be upgraded with new technology to generate adequate electricity to power the vehicle. Water will not do harm to the environment. Nor is it detrimental to human health. For this reason, experts are planning to take appropriate measures for the technical upgradation of the vehicle.

This new electricity will be required in small units comparing to conventional electricity. There will be lower risk of short circuit or any technical error inside the vehicle. However, there is no particular information about the date of release of new theme car. At a public conference, experts have pointed out that very soon this new car powered by algae based electricity will be launched soon. Scientists claim that algae based electricity is cost effective and more energy efficient. The fuel consumption rate is comparatively low. Bio hydrogen is available in nature in plenty and it will meet the basic requirements of car manufacturers who can utilize this natural source to fuel the car in new way. This car will be more attractive and beautifully tuned.

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