ARTEGA at it’s Best

2011 Artega SE Charging 3 ARTEGA  at it’s Best

2011 Artega SE Charging 5 ARTEGA  at it’s Best

2011 Artega SE Charging ARTEGA  at it’s Best

2011 Artega SE Charging 7 ARTEGA  at it’s Best

So, you did check out the German Automaker’s Artega SE 2011. The car sports sporty looks and is a visual treat for all the people who love adventure and cars. Powered by two engines which generates 380 horsepower and gives the car a powerful thrust, the car can sprint up to 100 km/hour in a limited time of 4.3 seconds.

So, it does have battery facilities which can be recharged in case depleted. You can now recharge the battery using the normal household electricity. If driven in normal conditions, it can take you till a stretch of 200 kilometres. Well, it is surely user friendly and convenient. And what’s more interesting is that you can recharge the battery in a very limited time which is 90 minutes.

Well, this surely is a contribution to the environment as this car does produce harmful emissions and is eco-friendly.

The car is not really expensive, and can suit your pockets easily. 150000 Euros is all it takes to own this lovely sport car.

Where did this sporty creature get unveiled? The Geneva Auto show was the stage for this all new Artega SE.

ARTEGA reportedly said that their aim was to promote environmental responsibility and also display their passion of making cars. Well, Artega SE is surely going to make it big in the arcade.

Who is going to give Artega a hard time? TESLA. Well, some distance till Artega reaches there but this one is surely a beauty.

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