Aston Martin Lagonda Crossover 2 ASHTON MARTIN’S SUSPENSE

Aston Martin Lagonda Crossover 1 ASHTON MARTIN’S SUSPENSE

What does Ashton Martin have in store for us? Ashton Martin has given a green signal to the production of Lagonda Crossover. Recently a car magazine of Europe has an interview in which Ashton’s CEO confirmed that Lagonda will have 2-3 models. The different models will cater to specific needs of the different car consumer groups. This is being decided after carrying out an extensive research to understand the requirements of the car owners and their expectations.

October it was, in the year 1976 when Ashton Martin revealed the all new Lagonda. Since then, the car model has enjoyed unprecedented fan following from the auto enthusiasts. The superb styling of the vehicle and unusual aesthetics has caught the fancy of the people and ensured that the car registers impressive sales volume.

Ashton Martin is a happy bird as they are planning two crossovers already. The sporty looking Lagonda is likely to have a 21 inch wheel and of course modifications which every car lover desires. The sports model will be surely an adrenaline booster and arrest the interest of all the onlookers on the roads.

Well, looks like Ashton Martin is not ready for the release of the brand new Lagonda and may take time to get the model ready. But the company is quite serious to launch these 3 models soon. We may be able to experience the all new Ashton Martin in a few years’ time. Based on Mercedes M-class, this car is surely going to be a good one. Striking looks, good performance and comfortable interiors, Ashton Martin will sure hit the right spot with this one. Let’s hope for the best for Ashton Martin and their all new Lagonda. All we can do is wait for the best to hit the streets.

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