AUDI E-TRON – The Tech Savvy Kid

2011 Audi A3 e tron concept 2 AUDI E TRON – The Tech Savvy Kid

2011 Audi A3 e tron concept 4 AUDI E TRON – The Tech Savvy Kid

2011 Audi A3 e tron concept AUDI E TRON – The Tech Savvy Kid

Audi is all set to unveil a brand new and attractive study – A3 e-tron in Shanghai. It is a four seater sedan which offers you high fuel competence.

It has also got a very advanced infotainment system. The e-tron is elegant and classy that when you take this pretty thing out for a ride, people will turn their heads an admire you.

Talking of the exteriors, the car sports LED lights so that you do not get lost in the woods and come back home safely. A well sculpted body and striking looks, this car will give you a feeling of floating in the air. Strongly flared fenders indicate the supremacy of the machine. Two conspicuously expounded lines emphasize the flank, the sills and the tornado line.

The expansive, uniform tail-lights conclude at a certain point inside, and the rear door bears a well-designed spoiler verge. Rear apron comprises a diffuser insertion of metal and CFRP, which environs the 2 outsized tailpipes of exhaust system. The engine hood, doors and tailgate are purely made of aluminium that gives the body of this car rigidity and makes handling easier. The e-tron is approximately 3,792 lbs.

Well, talking of the interiors, there is ample of space for leg and knee room for the passengers. Now you can stretch around, be comfortable and feel at home. The audio system too is extremely good. The sound quality and surround sound are quite commendable.

The MMI screen shows distinguished ingesting and convalescence figures in effortlessly comprehensible bar graphs.

Want to send an email right away but can’t find a way, then e-tron can make your life easier.

The UMTS model delivers full admittance to the net, permitting the car in retrieving appropriate facilities from Google. Appreciations to WLAN hotspot, travellers can check and send e-mails to their friends and family. Well, surely not a bad deal. This car offers you excellence at its best.

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