Audi Trimaran Concept Yacht to Be Launched Soon

Audi trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer 4 Audi Trimaran Concept Yacht to Be Launched Soon

Audi trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer 6 Audi Trimaran Concept Yacht to Be Launched Soon

Audi trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer 3 Audi Trimaran Concept Yacht to Be Launched Soon

Audi is a household name to car aficionados who are satisfied with the service and performance delivered by Audi. However, Audi is now showcasing its technical expertise in the upgradation of modern yachts and motorboats. The fact is that Audi Trimaran water bike is comparatively energy efficient and fuel economic. Trimaran version is fully upgraded water vehicle which can force the way through the water surge and billowy Blue Ocean very competently.

At a press conference, a team of experts have pointed out the technical specifications of Audi Trimaran water boats and yachts. This newly tuned yacht is equipped with two jet skis which lie embedded into the engine cabin of the vehicle. This water sports navigation vehicle is more dynamic with low co-efficiency rates which increase the swiftness of the vehicle to run at high speed steering skiing through water waves and ripples. Audi Trimaran water navigation vehicle is 15 min length and 6.40m in width.

This sophisticated Trimaran water yacht can house twelve persons. However there are four wall mounted berths which are capable of providing space to additional passengers for travellers. Audi TDI or Turbo Direct Injection diesel based engines can generate 500 hp. Maximum speed of this water motorbike is 8 knots. This sophisticated water yacht/boat will have 100 hp capacitated electric powered engine which is supposed to harness the power to activate jet skis. If required the marine deriver can use alternative engine to get more torque for bringing more speed to the water vehicle. According to specialists, the modern yacht will be empowered efficiently using more sophisticated tools which will help water motorbike to gear speed up to 40 knots.

However, right now Audi is planning to do a number of trials and experiments to make the boat more efficient and eco-friendly. There will be sophisticated water nav system inside the vehicle. This environment friendly yacht will surely run smoothly on the tumultuous sea.

The new trimaran boat integrates two jet skis within a motor boat, but its basis is pure trimaran. A trimaran is a boat with multiple hulls that features a main centre hull. This centre hull is supported by two small erou trigger hulls on either side of the boat. The Audi trimaran is 15m long and only 6.40m wide. The deck has enough room for 12 people, but more space is available in the form of four berths.

Audi’s part in the project involves two efficient and light weight Audi TDI (turbo-charged injection) diesel engines that develop about 500 HP each. For speeds of up to eight knots, the boat will use the 100 HP electric engines that are used to drive the jet skis, but at higher speeds (of up to 30knots), the boat will use the two engines alternatively. With a total output of about 1200 HP, the boat is rumoured to hit a top speed of 40 knots.

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