Axeon unveils an all-electric Land Rover Defender for safaris

Axeon defender Axeon unveils an all electric Land Rover Defender for safaris

So, you want to go for a safari? You want to get a clearer look at the animals around and you have this old fashioned jeep which doesn’t even offer a good view. Well, here is an electronic Land Rover Defender especially tailor-made for Safaris. The battery manufacturers, Axeon have teamed up with South Africa’s Jaguar Land. Rove to offer the nature lovers a rover that can give them a clearer and perfect view.

There is a brand new source which eliminates the harmful car emissions and also hushes the engine. Animals don’t like noises, and if you drive a noisy little thing to the jungles, sorry to say, the animals are not interested to see you!

The Land Rover will give its debut at Durban in the INDABA expo. Well, the land rover is so quiet that it can land up between herds of deer’s and still get over it. It does not make any noise and is an animal’s best friend. It knows that the jungle does not like too much of sound. It sports a rugged and masculine look.

The electric motor has an AC induction which produces 80 hp with243 lb-ft torque. It comes with a 300Vbattery package powered by the Axeon battery company.

Some animals are full of attitude and do not come out in front of people. But this naïve rover can easily tip toe and catch a glance of the animal. Well, this rover does save the environment and gives the animal peace of mind.

And of course, the low harmful carbon dioxide emanation is a great feature! This animal-friendly Rover will be on display at the Durban’s Auto Show from 7 to 10th May.

You would surely want to take a ride in this amazing animal-friendly Range Rover.

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