BMW’s SUV Launch in India

BMW X3 2011 1024x768 wallpaper 19 thumb BMW’s SUV Launch in India

Look who’s going to launch the all new SUV. It is BMW X3which is going to be in all the showrooms of India after this June. BMW is going to launch this beautiful SUV on June 23rd, 2011. For now, it is getting tested in India whether it is fit for the Indian roads or not. The SUV will be officially launched next month.

This car will be a luxury for all those looking for some sporty fun. It has a very powerful engine, enormous interior space, inevitable comfort and all the luxury that you ever needed.

What more do we have? A car without safety features is like a body without bones. Not useful! There are various safety features in this SUV such as six air bags, ABS and EBD. Since the car is all about luxury – there are features like automatic climate control, electric sunroof, adjustable seats that too electronic, air conditioner which is very effective, leather upholstery which makes it even more comfortable and classy, an electric sunroof, etc.

Powered by a 3.0 litre engine which generates 240 BHP horsepower and 221 pound-ft torque, this SUV is an all-wheel drive.

Other features include parking sensors, tachometer, power windows, rear wiper, rear armrest along with a cup holder, rear defogger, remote boot, driver’s seat adjustment, leathered seats, a surround sound music system, tinted glasses, auto viper.

With all these features, you must be thinking it must be pricey! Well, it’s a BMW, it has to be!

The car may cost you around 40 lakhs. Can be less or can be more? But if you really want this luxurious ride, then you need to shell out lots of money.

Considering all the features, this car seems to be a safe bet. It has all the comfort that you ever wished for and India is going to experience in a short span of time. Get ready for the sleek ride, India!

–Kreation Guru

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