Comfort Meets Practicality With All New Ford S-MAX

Ford s max Diesel 12 Comfort Meets Practicality With All New Ford S MAX

Ford s max Diesel 14 Comfort Meets Practicality With All New Ford S MAX

Ford s max Diesel 8 Comfort Meets Practicality With All New Ford S MAX

Ford s max Diesel 26 Comfort Meets Practicality With All New Ford S MAX

The prime reason for the popularity of Mazda 5 is it is a six seater minivan and has plenty of luggage space. It hardly takes any space for the parking and the experience to drive this petite minivan is wonderful. According to critics aka faultfinders In Europe, the best minivan is the Ford S-Max sharing its foundations with the Ford Mondeo.

Alan Mulally, Ford CEO approves what the critics had to say, so impressed that he is keen to introduce the Ford S-Max next generation in the US. The Ford S-Max is comfortable, adaptable automobile that provides everything that a minivan needs to deliver. Moreover, it has a petite footprint, total length of 187.9 inches equated with a Grand Caravan’s version 202.5.

Ford, while designing this car kept in mind the KINETIC design styling. Kinetic Design style offers angular headlights, identical trapezoidal grilles, and large wheel arches. The Ford S-Max features intelligent Protection System that lessens the chances of getting injured or even meeting with an accident.

It also includes up-to-date airbags, comprising of a thorax airbag and a knee bag. Ford S-Max provides neck safeguard system, enhanced pre-tensioners, a realistic and truthful steering and also safety pedals.

It also includes a good quality audio system which spreads music evenly and throughout the cabin. When you’re on the road, you will understand the essence of driving this minivan. Talking of the exteriors, they are sleek and minivan like. But of course, the engine performance is good.

If you want to take your family out for picnic, then this ride is a must. It will make sure you all have a joyous ride. About the comfort, you wouldn’t blink an eye! This ride is very comfortable; it also takes care of the driver’s comfort. It’s stylish on the road, very practical and safe to drive. A very smooth ride, you will not want to miss this.

–Kreation Guru


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