Drake’s unusual ride

Volkswagen Sports Car 17 Drake’s unusual ride

Volkswagen Sports Car 19 Drake’s unusual ride

Volkswagen Sports Car 21 Drake’s unusual ride

Volkswagen Sports Car 18 Drake’s unusual ride

STEEL DRAKE, Kyrgyzstanianian graphic designer has designed a sports car which is strikingly beautiful and sleek. It looks like R8’s big brother from the past! It is a sensual and simple sports car. Well, if you have a very special date coming up, then this car is tailor-made to impress your beautiful date!

Sports cars were always an enigma with the male species and this one elevates the expectation. It is a beautiful creation that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically superb. The styling of the dream car is visually appealing and creates its own queer and exquisite style statement. This is the lean mean machine to impress the others. Show the world your standards, ride this beast.

Girls love sleek cars! Plus, this one is a car to die for! It looks like an animated car which feels like it’s just out of a Ben10 cartoon! This 2 door car is certainly good looking but has some faults. But that can be overlooked.

For instance, the floppy taillights make it look like a made in China model, certainly not a German one. The car has good looks but then some parts look like they were forcibly fixed like the doors! The car looks a little ill shaped. Steel drake kept in mind, classy looks but could not give this car exterior justice.

I am sure the cartoon industry does not mind taking this design for its next action cartoon. Or maybe use it as batman’s personal vehicle. But, really! Let’s hear it for STEEL DRAKE who tried his best to put forward the best on the table.

I hope Steel Drake invests in something more realistic and well-designed. But this one does surely not impress the conventional auto enthusiasts much! However, experimentations are must to evolve and this is an exciting experiment, no doubt.

–Kreation Guru


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