Either go with KIA or go with THAT!

Kia Soul Hamster Edition 5 Either go with KIA or go with THAT!

Kia Soul Hamster Edition Either go with KIA or go with THAT!

Kia Soul Hamster Edition 8 Either go with KIA or go with THAT!

Kia has finally declared strategies to present an exceptional cute version of Soul which rejoices the “This or That” ad-commercial.

The ad commercial features the new KIA HAMSTAR SOUL. And, also features cute Hamsters prancing around in the brand new car, rapping, dancing and singing an old pop song!

We have already seen the concept style of Kia Soul Hamstar Version at the SEMA show last year. Currently, we’ve got approval from Kia that this cute looking Hamstar is all set to be a part of your life the year 2011. On the exteriors, you can spot a logo saying Hamstar in Hannah Montana Font. A vibrant red makes you drool! Lovely interiors! The Kia Soul Hamstar has an exclusive wheel package, also has heated leathered seats. This compact car is going to be a huge hit among the teenage or the ‘girly’ crowd.

The Kia Hamstar has an animated look which will make your drive a pleasurable and lively one!

Embellished with black glossy wheels makes the whole Kia look complete! Specific details includes a 1.6 litre engine –not to forget, a DIESEL ENGINE which produces 126 bhp and a good 190 lb-ft torque. This cute Hamstar has earned a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP. Well, surely this petite car has gained a lot of popularity already! The steering wheel is enveloped with leather and also includes special Hamstar floor mats. An instinctive climate regulator and start button makes this Kia a big hit!

So if you’re planning a joyous trip with your family, you might want to check this car out this spring. Your kids will surely love this HANNAH MONTANA car!

The price of this cute looking car has not been revealed. But it will be on the streets this spring!

–Kreation Guru


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