Honda CR-V Vehicle with Energy Efficient Drive-TrainKit

2012 Honda CR V 1 Honda CR V Vehicle with Energy Efficient Drive TrainKit

2012 Honda CR V 2 Honda CR V Vehicle with Energy Efficient Drive TrainKit

2012 Honda CR V 3 Honda CR V Vehicle with Energy Efficient Drive TrainKit

Honda always believes in honest dealing and it has proved once again that it is unbeaten in the global automobile industry. The top brass of Honda automaker is munching silently as it has a plan to surprise car lovers by releasing new car models which will be more elegant and dynamic in designs. At a press conference, the company’s management team has revealed few colourful snapshots of the futuristic vehicles of CR-V line up.

This CR-V theme car will be brought back to market in the upcoming year. CR-V will feature two-wheel driving system. Power generating tool and other car upgradation accessories are really functional and fully upgraded. This new futuristic vehicle will have durable rubber tire bands, wheelbases with struts, suspension dampers in unison with automatic transmission plus struts. The car cabin will be upgraded placing newly built car seats, dashboard, steering wheel, odometer and speedometer. The front facelift will be tuned by attaching trapezoidal grilles, lightweight headlamp casings with side skirts and skis. The air inlets work better to ensure entry of air into the engine cabin.

The car compartment is designed with windshields, wipers, lockable doors with escutcheons along with spoilers. Tire bands of car wheels are long lasting. The carbon emission rate of this futuristic vehicle will be remarkably low and it will not disturb others by releasing odour, chemical solution in the form of fume and harsh vibration.

This CR-V car will have better seating arrangement. In the driver’s cockpit of this futuristic car, it will have electronic road mapping and investing systems. The headlamps of the front facelift of the vehicle will be capable of releasing soft and eye-adjustable fluorescent light. The odometer will also be planted into the car cabin to help the car drivers for distance measurement. The street navigation system is conducive to the smooth and trouble free nocturnal city navigation and expedition.

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