Karsan about to Build NY Taxi

 Karsan about to Build NY Taxi

2011 karsan v1 nyc taxi 13 Karsan about to Build NY Taxi

2011 karsan v1 nyc taxi 4 Karsan about to Build NY Taxi

2011 karsan v1 nyc taxi Karsan about to Build NY Taxi

The fact is that modern technological advancement has brought massive change and breakthrough in the design of cars. Taxi of Tomorrow is a vehicle supplying and transporting commission which is based in New York. This commission has shortlisted the name of Karsan after a comprehensive comparison study. There are other two competitors like Ford and Nissan apart from Karsan. These three major vehicle suppliers were called to showcase their new futuristic car models at the exhibition.

After the premiere show at Brooklyn, Taxi of Tomorrow Limousine commission has selected the name of Karsan which is located in Turkey. Turkish car manufacturing unit, Karsan will build new cars in Brooklyn. In a short press note, the company’s CEO has revealed that Karsan vehicles will be manufactured and upgraded at Sunset factory in Brooklyn very soon. However, right now this Turkish car tuning and upgradation firm is putting emphasis on the construction of sophisticated and modern factory which will be fully equipped with different types of car tools and accessories.

Turkish car upgradation and tuning unit shows its eagerness to build up the cars using innovative technology which will increase the beauty, efficiency and functionality of vehicles. The new cars will be upgraded with new drive-train kit. Old powerplant will be modified and more energy efficient functional powertrain will be planted into the engine cabin. The overall performance of these futuristic vehicles will be higher than the current vehicles. At a conference, CEO of Karsan car upgradation firm has told reporters that very soon a team of experts will publish few colourful snapshots of the concept cars in newspapers and in official sites for escorting buyers to watch and check the cars of Karsan. The new technical specifications will include suspension dampers, struts, automatic transmission, powertrain and carbon emission reduction accessory. The interior decoration of the futuristic Karsan vehicles will be eye-catching and noticeable.

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