KTM Duke 200CC Bike to Be Launched Soon in India

KTM Duke 200 2 KTM Duke 200CC Bike to Be Launched Soon in India

Bajaj KTM two wheelers manufacturing unit has taken a fruitful plan to satisfy Indian teenage community by offering absolutely eco-friendly and energy efficient bikes under the title of KTM Duke 200 variant. This modern bike is lightweight with specially decorated frame. The whole infrastructure of KTM Duke 200 bike is durable and cost effective.

In an interview, the company’s CEO has given full assurance about the upcoming release of bikes which will be properly tuned and upgraded. The fact is that Indian market is neither hot nor cool. That’s why Bajaj KTM is planning to gift first package of KTM Duke 200 bikes in place of KTM Duke 125or 250 cc models these two wheelers have not earned popularity in Indian market. Indian upscale society prefers the KTM Duke 200cc bikes which are easy to operate. However, on the other hand, the company’s official spokesperson has already declared the future vision of the management which has already brought few growth oriented car upgradation programs under media spotlight.

On being asked about the technical specifications of this KTM Duke 200 cc bikes, experts have told reporters that this time the company has highlighted the aesthetic part of KTM Duke 200 variant which must look more glamorous and elegant. The two wheelbases will be properly wrapped with thick rubber tire bands. The spokes and rims of wheelbases of the KTM Duke 200 cc bikes have been properly fixed to the axle bars. The kickstands of the bike will ensure stability of the bike in more organized way. Drive-train is functional and the vehicle is perfect for nocturnal riding. KTM Duke 200 bikes are also equipped with automatic transmission, combustion tools, struts, suspension dampers for checking road friction along with properly upgraded clutching accessories. The adjustable seats of the KTM Duke 200cc bikes provide maximum comfort to the riders. This bike is resistant to carbon and other black fume. It doesn’t release carbon, lethal gasoline products and contaminants.

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