Lamborghini’s LIGHTEST creation

Sesto Elemento concept 2 Lamborghini’s LIGHTEST creation

Sesto Elemento concept Lamborghini’s LIGHTEST creation

Sesto Elemento concept 1 Lamborghini’s LIGHTEST creation

Sesto Elemento concept 5 Lamborghini’s LIGHTEST creation

Italian Automakers, Lamborghini have always been in the news with their amazing creations. For now, Lamborghini Aventador is in the limelight, stealing the show with its super sleek looks. Though we have news that the Italian Automakers will introduce a new creation of Sesto Elemento concept in October, it is not official.

Officially, it has not been decided, though Auto Motor and Sport, the Sports Magazine has received confirmation of the news that the vehicle’s dealerships will be in the third quarter of 2011. Moreover, the magazine states that only 10 or 20 units will be made and this brand new coupe will cost you around €1.9 ($2.8) million. So, a millionaire looking for a nice ride would love to take this super light beauty home.

Sesto Elemento literally means sixth element. It has borrowed its name from the chemistry’s period table. The sixth element being Carbon, it sheds a lot of weight. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a two-seater, high-performance concept car. Lamborghini aims at reducing CO2 emissions which might reduce some bit of global warming, which is a good thought all together. Designed for a special YOU!

This beauty is fortified with a speed 6 paddle-shifts and all-wheel-drive system, coupled with a 5.2-litre engine lent from the chic Lamborghini Gallardo, producing 570horsepower and 398 ft-lb torque.

Driveshaft, Chassis body and suspension components made of carbon fibre, reducing the extra weight, make this one the lightest car Lamborghini has ever manufactured. Like, WOW! Don’t you want to own this unbelievably sweet and light ride? Also, Lamborghini claims a 0–100 km/h, with an acceleration time of just 2.5 seconds, and a high speed of 300 km/h.

Weighing just 2,200pounds with a V10 Power plant, this car is unbelievably light. This Car is a must buy. Have millions to spend? Get this suave, light and elegant beauty home!

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