Lotus Elise – Concept Vehicle with Sophisticated Car Upgradation Kit

2015 lotus elise 1 Lotus Elise   Concept Vehicle with Sophisticated Car Upgradation Kit

Fantastic exterior design of Lotus Elise concept vehicle is really attractive and highly glamorous. Lotus Elise is such a wonderful car which will surely snatch the million hearts in upcoming years. However, meanwhile, experts are planning to decorate this futuristic vehicle for the introduction to people. This theme car is supposed to be released by2015. However, right now, Lotus Elise variant is light in weight with aerodynamic compartment. Milky white color of the cab is really nice to look. Frontal fascia of Lotus Elise is majestic in appearance. The ultra-light head lamps, air inlets, trapezoidal grilles and side skis are really attractive.

Technical configuration includes 2.0 liter Toyota based turbo engine, automatic transmission, clutch hub, drive-train, easy to care carbon diffuser, exhaust system, suspension dampers, inclusive of struts at the car wheels. Power train will have capacity to generate 350hp. However, it is also vibrating in the air that V4 Boxster engine will be planted into the car to support constant production of torque and power. Torque is the applied force to ensure the formation of revolutions per minute or rmp.

Therefore this futuristic engine will provide more power and torque to rotate the wheelbases at high speed. Suspension dampers are capable of minimizing the road friction and absorbing shock for better performance of cars. New Elise will have new mechanism to reduce the carbon in air. Your car will be packed with street nav system and electronic infotainment gear. You will have better chance to make a trouble free trip by your Elise car. This modern and sophisticated vehicle is also designed with four wheelbases which are wrapped with durable tire bands. Tire fenders are conducive to the protection of car wheels from climatic disorder and mud water. It is eco-friendly and energy efficient. Retractable car seats inside the compartment of the Elise car model are also more durable and soft in nature. Leather insulated upholsters will be used to design the car seats in different way.

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