Lotus Still Planning to Release Elan or Revise Evora Classic

lotus elan concept Lotus Still Planning to Release Elan or Revise Evora Classic

Lotus has marched a long way to reach the acme of success. Similarly, this car upgradation company has again proved its potentiality by taking a plan to bring lot of hopes and wishes for car users who are interested to drive dream cars for enjoying lives. The blooming Lotus has taken a number of growth oriented plans for ensuring the upgradation of car models like Elise, Elite, Esprit, Eterne, and Elan variants. Lotus has excellent performance track record.

New car models will be more energy efficient and more fuel economic. The new slogan of Lotus is “say more”. Five car models were displayed at various auto shows. These concept vehicles were shown as a part of product endorsement program. On the other hand, in a press note, a number of representatives of the company have told press reporters that the company is now swimming in stream of confusion as it can’t take final decision about the car model selection for upgradation and tuning. Evora is a previous model and since then the company has been seeking for other doppelgangers which could perform same way as Evora. Evora is known for classic beauty with mind blowing color contrast. However, Elan is now popping up on the lips of car tuners who are planning to replace Evora retrieval program and instead, the company will upgrade and tune Elan. Evora car will be made keeping in touch with second generation car model. However if this Evora car upgradation program is cancelled, Elan car tuning kit will be in the front. Now at the same time, Elan manufacturing unit is waiting for the last decision of the management of Lotus in this regard.

To highlight the technical configuration, a team of technical experts have told reporters that new set of drive-train, automatic transmission, suspension dampers, carbon diffuser, exhaust system along with clutch system will be installed. Besides there will be electronic infotainment device, street navigation system, odometer for distance measurement, tire pressure gauging tool and speedometer will be inserted into the car cabin to ensure trouble free journey and car driving.

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