Luxgen Neora Concept, exciting technical design

Luxgen Neora Concept 1 Luxgen Neora Concept, exciting technical design

Luxgen Neora Concept 2 Luxgen Neora Concept, exciting technical design

Luxgen, originating from Taiwan, has divulged their cutting-edge Neora Concept at the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. An exciting electric sedan, Luxgen Neora the Concept is front wheel drive vehicle powered by a 180 kilo Watt electric induction motor that is linked to a stable and high-power 48 kilo Watt hour rechargeable lithium-ion type battery, weighing 1600 kilograms.

The sedan comes equipped with a 241hp electric motor which engages the front wheels and is able to offer a sprint from 0-100 km/hour in just six point five seconds. The pleasure of the tranquil sunshine and scenic marvels is accessible through the PDLC electric glass sunroof. The interior cabin is sophisticatedly upholstered with leather, wood trim, and an infotainment system with a nine-inch screen. In the interior, Luxgen Neora Concept looks sleek and futuristic.

The streamline flows from the front end to the entire frame, and forms into a transformed, bold, and vibrant exuberance. Salvaged wood and non dyed or non processed raw materials, along with trims that are eco-friendly generate wholesome innocence. The four-door sedan is an intelligent electric concept which surpassed anticipations at the Auto Shanghai 2011 with its economisation of fuel. In terms of energy frugality, aerodynamics and aesthetics, the design of the front of Neora is creatively developed.

Luxgen’s assurance towards ecological sustainability is conversed through the incorporation of natural and hi-tech elements. Recycled wood is used to demonstrate the notion of Environmental Sustainability by smearing the wooden leather in earthy shades. The study design created for Luxgen manufacturer has two purposes – to promote the technological progress of the manufacturer and the preface of the brand’s future design language.

The Vice-President of Luxgen has claimed that the aspect of forthcoming models will be inspired by Neora and its accomplishments in terms of self-sufficiency will be executed progressively in the manufacturer’s range. The all new Luxgen Neora Electric Concept thus defines beauty, elegance, power and intellect with its latest state-of-the-art eco-friendly model.

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