New Mercedes– SLS AMG saves the day

Mercedes SLS AMG EMV 2 New Mercedes– SLS AMG saves the day

Are you planning to get a heart attack or a broken leg soon? Well, nobody wants that! But Mercedes Benz has given us reasons to make us fall sick or break our leg! Mercedes-Benz is all set to introduce its Emergency Vehicle – the SLS AMG! News tells us that Merc will be introducing its new EMERGENCY vehicle in RETTmobil, 2011. Sporting blue beam lights and sleek looks, it is all set to kill people just to take a pleasure ride in the emergency car till the hospital!

Power packed with 6.2Litre V8 engine producing 563-hp along with a 479 lb-ft torque. The emergency car can go up to 0 to 62 mph in a minimum of 3.7 seconds and a super-fast speed of 196 mph. well, considering it can sprint along way in just few seconds, it has high chances of saving many lives. It’s like SUPERMAN in the form of a Mercedes Benz car! This superfast car will reach the scene even before you blink your eyes twice.

Facilities like satellite phone, internet and radio is also available. Well, now the patients in a rush to the hospital can hear the radio!

We won’t talk much about the looks. As when it’s about emergency cases – looks really don’t matter and of course it won’t save lives. But being a Mercedes Benz production it surely has a very sporty look.

Talking of the interiors of the SLS AMG, the use of aviation manufacturing is very much noticeable. And it also has élite swing-wing door. High quality materials have been used to make the interiors of the car to provide comfort for the passenger.

So, we are really looking forward to this one, aren’t we? The car is all set to hit the roads soon and save your lives! More like SUPERMAN SAVESTHE DAY!

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