Norris and Dino – romancing with creativity

2012 Fiat Dino Norris and Dino – romancing with creativity

2012 Fiat Dino 3 Norris and Dino – romancing with creativity

It is the job of an artist to image things, but a car lover imagining cars can be more artistic than a painter imagining a scenic beauty. Making cars is an art too – complicated though. Designer of the all new Fiat Dino is already imagining the designs and structure of the car. Well, I hope his thoughts are not wandering as making a car – which too, Fiat is one tough task. The new Dino – how perfect is the name, will be a luxurious model – probably made for elites and superstars. But if you have the right money, you can afford it too. The car will have an Italian touch and a low roofline. What about the tall guys? Will they fit in this car? Of course they will! The Designer can assure you that for sure. The wheels are extremely beautiful according to the designer. Well, you can almost get a feel of the modern Ashton Martins. The headlights and upright bumpers are nicely shaped which you would never want to break.

The rear characteristics include C-shape LED strobe light components and dominant exhaust pipes which give the car a graceful and stylish look. Well, talking of style and poise, this car does not lack any of it. It is highly beautiful due to the exterior and interiors both. When the designer, Norris was making a sketch of this car in 3D, he was clear in mind what he wanted was not a budget car but focused on luxury and comfort. He wondered what a coupe would look like if it was designed by the famous Pininfarina. Norris takes the inspiration from there and is still playing with his thoughts and creativity. As far as the sketches are concerned, they look good. Let’s see what Artist Norris has in mind for us viewers. Years shall run like rabbits and so will his creativity.

–Kreation Guru


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