Porsche Panamera Edition with Energy Efficient Power train

2012 porsche panamera diesel 7 Porsche Panamera Edition with Energy Efficient Power train

2012 porsche panamera diesel 4 Porsche Panamera Edition with Energy Efficient Power train

Porsche Panamera diesel fed car is replete with a number of well tested car upgradation and tuning accessories. This car has several features which have made the car more unique and glamorous. The introduction of 3.0 litre turbocharged engine produces 247 horsepower inclusive of 406 pound feet torque.

The updated engine is energy efficient and fuel economic. Porsche Panamera edition is capable of covering 62 miles within short time range of 6.8 seconds. This Panamera vehicle runs at highest speed without damaging the environment. The Panamera vehicle is loaded with a number of car upgradation accessories which include drive-train, automatic transmission and powerplant. Every part of the car has undergone special technical configuration and tests to ensure the proper upkeep of the car by providing proper insulation and eco-friendly safeguards to the car.

Diesel fed engine works competently without carbon footprint output. This sophisticated vehicle is also designed with retractable car seats, upholsters, steering wheel, dashboard, clutches, windscreens and infotainment system. This lightweight car is also packed with inset glass mirror settings, console inclusive of sun visors. The car is eco-friendly and fuel economic. The vehicle is also loaded with four wheelbases which are rimmed with tire bands. The struts and suspension dampers of the car check road friction along with marvellously decorated front facelift. The trapezoidal grilles are well fitted to the car compartment. The sleek headlamps are light in weight with the availability of glass windows, tailboard lamps and lot more.

At a press conference, the CEO has told reporters that this car has capability to cover miles in time. The carbon reduction system is excellent and remarkable. The internal chips of the car are durable, efficient and long lasting. The chassis of the car is well built and the hardware of the car is solid as high quality aluminium and carbon fibre insulated accessories are used to decorate the car.

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