Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130- More Powerful and Energy Efficient

Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130 Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130  More Powerful and Energy Efficient

Renault has earned appreciation from its devoted admirers and fans because of its eye-catching car upgradation package which will be sold to upgrade the Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130 variant in more organized way. According to experts, a newly revised 1.6 liter capacitated Scenic Energy dCi 130 engines will be planted under the hood of the car. Experts have ensured better performance of the car due to massive technical breakthrough in drive-train kit.

While launching an effective comparison study in net, a team of technical experts have analyzed clearly that over to 1.9 liter capacitated diesel fed engine, this new powertrain will be more energy efficient which assures low carbon emission rate. Due to sea-change in the technical modification and uniformity in the upgradation of the car tools and accessories, there is a steady gallop in the production of torque which ranges from 300 – 320 NM. Basically, new powertrain produces maximum 320 NM torque leaving the 300 NM torque in past. Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130 variant provides excellent sprinting time which is 10.3 seconds to cover 62mpg at maximum rate. The topmost speed it offers is approximately 21mpg.

There are other technical features of this car. You will find EGR and ESM or Energy Smart Management systems. The interior decoration of this car is very attractive and standard as experts have planned to insert a number of car décor accessories to accelerate the charismatic elegance of the car. The carbon emission rate of this new vehicle is amazingly low. The front fascia of the car is well designed with a number of exterior car décor accessories which include trapezoidal grilles, air inlets and easy to care headlamps. The rear boot lid of the car is spacious and capable of keeping luggage in safe. The automatic transmission tool inside the car engine compartment is also competent to channelize the adequate torque coming out of the powertrain. Renault Scenic Energy dCi 130 variant is also fuel efficient.

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