1575531201395084160 1024x681 ROYAL WEDDING 2?

Looks like everybody wants to get married now, after the big success of Prince William’s marriage – Prince Albert II is also set to tie the knot with Charlene Witt stock. Prince Albert from Monaco will be entering and riding a Lexus LS600h. Looks like this is a big project for Lexus and an honor that Prince Albert is going to be riding a Lexus. An achievement, so to speak! Everybody is waiting for the big day and especially Lexus who are on 7th heaven as for now.

So are the preparations on? Not the wedding location or Prince Albert’s designer ensemble. But the making of the royal ride – LEXUS LS600h. well, surely it will have modification after all it will be used as a royal carriage for the handsome prince charming who will take away his bride forever. Sounds romantic, a car is equally important for a prince to take away his to be wife. And being a prince, he wants every single detail to have a royal touch. The specially designed LS600h will have features like royal insignia, a special MC 01 plate, flashing lights, etc. Talking of the interiors, it is going to be excellent as the car will be used for a royal purpose.

The car will be powered by the regular 5.0 liter V8 engine which is a fairly good deal. The car will be used as a transport for all the royal family members and of course other guests in the ceremony.

So, looks like Monaco streets will get to take a glimpse of the newlyweds.

Of course there is tight security on the very day and it is going to be grand. The car will not create any emission unlike Prince William and Kate’s GRAND wedding.

Are we invited? Well, we are! The wedding is on July 2nd, 2011. We are cordially invited to switch on our television sets and see the royal wedding.

–Kreation Guru

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