S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz-Energy Efficient and Dynamic

2011 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG 2 S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz Energy Efficient and Dynamic

2011 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG 3 S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz Energy Efficient and Dynamic

2011 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz Energy Efficient and Dynamic

S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz is the burning example of modern luxurious car with highly ultra modern bi-turbocharged powertrain with automatic transmission. According to Ola who is the head of Mercedes AMG GmbH, this time experts have used very sophisticated AMG branded drive-train, direct petrol injection system with excellent start and stop mechanism. This car will not pollute the air as special protection has been taken to increase the safeguards to keep the vehicle out of air pollution. At a press conference, Ola has admitted that after extensive research, a team of technical experts have managed to upgrade this car by installing a number of extraordinary car accessories like suspension dampers, struts, carbon diffusers, drive train, and internal combustion system. Under the hood of the car, there are clam-shafts, powertrain and other car upgradation accessories.

S 63 AMG Mercedes Benz is equipped with 5.5 litre capacitated V8 powertrain which offers 400 KW or 544 hp with maximum torque of 800 NM. This car is totally eco-friendly and before the introduction of this car, the experts have planned to test the efficiency of car through different trials and tests. Bi-turbo charging powerplant of the car is energy efficient and fuel economic. S63 AMG variant has four wheelbases with tire bands. The multi-functionalities of the drive train and other parts of the car are noticeable.

The electronic infotainment system inside the car cabin provides excellent sound track. The upgraded street navigation system is capable of helping drivers to monitor the streets in darkness with comfort. The carbon emission rate of the car is remarkably negligible. The car is also aerodynamic in design. The front facelift of the vehicle is really beautiful as team of experts have taken special task to upgrade the fascia by installing grille and headlamp casings. The rear boot lid is adjustable with spacious cargo wagon for the safekeeping of luggage.

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