Skydrive, the gearless scooter from Suzuki is soon to arrive in India

skydrive black Skydrive, the gearless scooter from Suzuki is soon to arrive in India

A little birdie – rumour birdie tells us that Suzuki Sky Drive is set to hit India. This rumour has been spread since 2010after the huge success of Access 25. NO! It doesn’t fly in the sky! Just looks like a rocket though!

The new Suzuki Sky is said to be an aerodynamic vehicle which has both the options –auto start and kick. Features include a SOHC engine generating excellent torque and power. The new SkyDrive will be ranged between 45,000 and 52,000 in Indian currency.

Well, it’s clear that SkyDrive has a rival too which is Honda’s active. Suzuki and Honda are top brands in India. And now with Suzuki’s new creation, there will be cat-dog fights in the market!

Activa, a 4 stroke, 110 CC has been selling like hot pan cakes the market. In a year, there have been over 7 lakh purchases of the Honda beauty. Well, Suzuki has serious competition.

Plus, Honda is reasonable as compared to Suzuki. Everybody goes for affordability!

Though, Suzuki SkyDrive may do well because of its macho sleek looks. Honda is still a more favourable and trustworthy brand for Indians. The scooter has got striking headlights and noticeable graphics. Truth be told, it looks like a bike. A bike with big wheels and an amazing body, this surely would become very popular amongst the men in the country.

Available in black, silver, white and red, it the sky drive is a sporty looking scooter which anybody would love to sport. Life is about the individual choices we make, and so we will have to leave it for the PEOPLE to decide.

Well, I guess the BOYS will definitely have all the fun. Looking forward to see some AD commercials on television to get a better idea of what this sky drive is made of!

–Kreation Guru

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