The Comfy Mazda Ride

2012 mazda 5 sport 1 The Comfy Mazda Ride

2012 mazda 5 sport 2 The Comfy Mazda Ride

2012 mazda 5 sport 5 The Comfy Mazda Ride

2012 mazda 5 sport 8 The Comfy Mazda Ride

So, you have a family of 4 and you need a perfect ride for an outing! Mazda 5, a family car so to speak is affordable and also is a safe ride. Powered by a 2.5litre engine, 4 cylinders, 157 hp and a good 163 lb-ft torque is surely a big turn on for the car lovers.

A lot of leg space and comfortable seats, but the turn off here is the plastic steering wheel. Well, it sports a family look. But it’s a good deal if you want a petite, efficient and inexpensive car then the Mazda5 is the best for you. Everybody likes a pocket friendly car. You can’t take you kids on a drive in an Audi Q5 or something. So this is the perfect family car if you want to drop your kids to school or do a little hop over to McDonalds with your sweet little family. The price of this petite car is under $20,000. Not a bad deal at all?

It’s got an animated look. Your kids would love it for sure! Features include 17inch tires – just the right size. They are not too big or too small. Instinctive climate regulator, rear seat controller, leather padding and Bluetooth services. It also includes a CD player with six speakers. The sound quality is amazing and clear! There is an extra audio jack too! The front seats are heated and very comfortable. Auto xenon strobe lights make it easier for you to see the dark dingy roads even at night! You can easily drive this car and it is great for daily use. A comfortable family ride! And if you look closely, you will find that the car sports a big smile and wide eyes –the headlights. A cute looking car for sure!

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