The Cute ‘HAMSTAR’ Ride

2011 kia hamster soul 1 The Cute ‘HAMSTAR’ Ride

2011 kia hamster soul 4 The Cute ‘HAMSTAR’ Ride

2011 kia hamster soul 3 The Cute ‘HAMSTAR’ Ride

Kia soul Hamstar! No, we’re not exactly talking about hamsters! And no, we’re not talking about the rodents prancing around in a car commercial! Well, if you have seen the hamsters prancing around in the car in some commercial. Let’s just shift our focus from the hamster, and concentrate on the car it is promoting.

Previewed at last year’s SEMA show, The Kia Soul Hamstar is the cheapest racing car. Though the looks are somewhat teenage-like, this car sports a vibrant red. Talking about the exteriors, the car has sweet set of graphics. The hood and trunks reads HAMSTAR in A HANNAH MONTANA font. You can spot some black stars too. A quick sneak peak of the interiors, Kia Soul has black and red heated leather seats, leather wrapped steering and a shift knob, cute looking Hamstar floor mats, instinctive climate control and also the start button. Also, the back of the headrest sports a black star!

If you want to catch a glimpse of this cute HAMSTER looking car, then you should check out the popular “This or That” commercial. Somehow the commercial got an Effle award too in U.S.!

Coming back to KIA, it is a compact car. Manufactured in South Korea, it has four cylinder gasoline engines. Powered with1.6 litre unit, generating 122 bhp and 260 Nm 190 lb-ft of torque, the car does have power. Kia Soul has also received 5 star safety features!

Their new commercial ‘This or That’ has become extremely popular and is creating news everywhere! Cute hamsters driving around singing an old pop song makes this a hit among teenage crowd. Well, that is a good strategy as people buy what they see. Advertisements! They sell!

Though this car would not be able attract the male crowd because of its girly looking exterior and interiors, the car still has hopes.

Am sure HANNAH MONTANA wants to buy it!

–Kreation Guru


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