The Exciting Bentley GT Cabriolet designed by Prior

Bentley continental gt cabriolet 1 The Exciting Bentley GT Cabriolet designed by Prior

The house of Prior Design is well known for transforming car models to make them look stunning and technically advance. Interest levels among the car enthusiasts are always high about their new projects. Recently they have launched two photos of their work on the Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet auto model. As the photos suggest, the ‘High Society’ transformation of the car looks uber cool and fantastic. The customized car model will be unveiled at the Tuning World Bodensee, which is going to take place on 5th May 2011. The world is anxiously waiting for the revamped car to appear in flesh.

Meanwhile, we have to satisfy our inquisitiveness from the photos handed out by Prior Design. The new designing changes as is evident from the photos have made appearance of the car much more aggressive. This is surely going to be a hit with the young buyers. However, the house of Prior, states that the modifications done is not only for aesthetics purpose but also to create better aerodynamics for the car as well. As the car gets more aerodynamic, it will face less drag while moving forward. This in turn will considerably reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

The front face of the car now boasts of a carbon splitter, stylish grille and a cool new bumper. The rear bumper of the car is redesigned that houses custom made diffuser and a superb sports exhaust system of stainless steel. The new side sills on the car are placed lower and made longer. This gives a menacing look to the vehicle. The standard interior wooden trims are replaced with the hep and happening carbon fiber. The powerful W12 BiTurbo engine fitted inside the car deliver awesome 650 Newton-meter torque at one thousand and six hundred rotations per minute.

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