The luxurious KOREAN sedan, Daewoo Veritas

Daewoo Veritas 2 The luxurious KOREAN sedan, Daewoo Veritas

Daewoo Veritas 1 The luxurious KOREAN sedan, Daewoo Veritas

Daewoo Veritas 6 The luxurious KOREAN sedan, Daewoo Veritas

Looks like General Motors has something in store for us. General Motors has announced that they will be introducing the Daewoo Veritas in Korean arcade.

This car has both interior and exterior style and poise. The engine being a five speed involuntary transmission gives this car thumbs up from all the viewers.

The Korean arcade could not be happier as it is Daewoo’s first entry in the market. All the customers of this brand will get an exclusive VIP service that has a 5 year kilometer warranty and also if you want to replace oil engine or the air filter – you can easily get that done.

Veritas literally means TRUTH and the truth here is that GM Daewoo wants to take this Korean Sean to a different level. Guess they want to break a record for the largest sedan. The large sedan is based on L4X concept, which introduced itself in the Seoul Auto Show last year.

Striking exteriors and comfortable interior, this sedan is built for excellence.

The interior is a strong plus point for the Veritas. The makers have specially taken care of your comfort needs. Features like the trip computer helps the driver see important details like fuel efficiency and the distance covering which makes it easier for the driver to keep track of his whereabouts.

Mirrors are chrome molded and the LED signals make this sedan superior in its own way. What about the wheels? Well, they are 18 inch and have great stability and performance.

Considering it is a luxury car, the sedan will be equipped with adjustable headrests, LCD screen, massaging seats and free headsets. So now you can travel out to places listening to music, singing along and sleeping peacefully.

With all the luxury in life, it comes with a good price – $41,590 onwards may be the price, so get ready to sell your kidney.

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