The new sleek and sweet Civic ride

2012 honda civic si 8 The new sleek and sweet Civic ride

2012 honda civic si 12 The new sleek and sweet Civic ride

2012 honda civic si 22 The new sleek and sweet Civic ride

2012 honda civic si 4 The new sleek and sweet Civic ride

Japanese automaker, Honda, introduces the brand new Civic Si. Well, we did get a glimpse of it at the Detroit Auto Show. It is the sportiest Civic in the history of Honda! Powered by a 2.4 litre engine, it produces 201horsepower and 172 lb-ft torque. Well, the official details of this car have not been announced yet. We can expect the same at the end of this year.

It is said that the inspiration of this new sleek looking Civic is Pilates and yoga! Chief Façade/exterior designer, Toshiyuki Okumoto and his team analysed that the civic buyers are down-to-earth, believe in frugality of fuel, and ecologically sensitive. Toshiyuki wanted to assimilate yogic doctrines of transparency and proficiency into the brand new Si’s skin, and produce something that conveyed vivacity to the grounds.

Toshiyuki said, “The silhouette was key, we wanted it to have this feeling of energy, of strength bursting from within.”

The unbelievable light weight of this new civic has shocked the people around the world.

It has numerous features such as a clutch which is buttery smooth, a smooth-running oiled gearbox, steering wheels wrapped in leather and a 1.1-inch squatter wheelbase makes this ride astonishingly light weight! It surely has a bigger and better engine. Rumours tell us that the engine is called K-24!

This sleek looking sweet ride is going to be available in the arcade in the year 2012. Long wait, isn’t it? It has already got a huge fan following! Face book fan pages and what not! Price has not been announces but being the most awaited car; you would need to shell out some money to bring this car home.

You surely do not want to miss this amazing ride. The Japanese Automakers guarantee you that the new Civic-Si is everything you ever desired! And moreover, it looks like a James Bond Car. Don’t you want to look like a celebrity sporting this car?

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