The versatile Nissan NV 2500

2012 nissan nv2500 The versatile Nissan NV 2500

2012 nissan nv2500 5 The versatile Nissan NV 2500

2012 nissan nv2500 6 The versatile Nissan NV 2500

2012 nissan nv2500 8 The versatile Nissan NV 2500

Nissan has come up with its 105 inch tall cargo van which can carry a bunch of basketball players – actually the whole team so to speak.

Dependability and great performance are trademarks of the brand new Nissan NV 2500. Power-driven by a 6 cylinder and 4litre engines, the NV 2500 also delivers 261 horsepower and 281 ft-lb torque.

Seating is limited to 2 people and a driver. Of course the back is full of space!

The NV has safety features too like the Tire Pressure Observer, Daylight Running Lights, and Automobile Dynamic Controller. An Inside R/V Glass is also available, of course with extra charges!

AV-6 1500 model can cost you up to $25,570 and$30,770 for a 3500 HD SV.

This van looks heavy but has a smooth ride! Talking of interior, it is a nice looking van from the inside. You can load heavy objects in this van. And of course, you get facilities such as iPod jack and USB port. Well, you can go on a drive with 2 cows in this with music playing the background.

There is no wireless internet facility thought. So, if u want to go for a camp, then this ride is certainly the best deal!

It does not sport great looks but surely is a very useful van. Vans are not supposed to be glossy but of USE. This

NV does the trick! A versatile van, it has a very rugged look but a very comfortable cabin to stretch and relax. For commercial purposes, this car is the best deal. It has sliding doors, a full rear admittance and ample of storage space.

The new NV 2500 needs to be taken home if you’re thinking of starting a business! This is the best deal if you want a van with lots of space to dump your stuff.

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