2011 fab design cadillac escalade 1 The WILD ESCALADE

2011 fab design cadillac escalade 3 The WILD ESCALADE

2011 fab design cadillac escalade 2 The WILD ESCALADE

Fab Design, The Swiss Tuning firm has set their eyes on their recent works on the beautiful yet masculine Cadillac Escalade. The owner of Fab Design was in a do or die situation when he was asked to amend the American SUV’s super heavy weight. The client was a North African who owns a plethora of Fab Design cars in his garage, so well; owner was confused as to what to do. But then he accepted the challenge. The African client wanted the car to look like an Escalade with interiors made of authentic snake leather. Well, he asked for crocodile-like leather too, which was adjusted later on.

Considering our world is full of organisations who work for animal rights protested against the use of snake skin. Animal rights do not appreciate such behaviour and they also stated that many snakes were being killed for luxury stricken people. Though the owner did not own it up and said that the snake leather came from snakes which had already been killed. He made sure that it did not harm anybody.

Well, looks like we should not get into animal rights and other issues. As for the exteriors of the new Escalade has a dangerous look. I guess the wild Africans like the raw look. Everything has been modified – the colossal grille to the headlights and large round fog lights for protection if it’s a wintry cold night, wild looking taillights, hidden tailgate glass – for reasons unknown and rims. The list goes on and on. The side sills are peculiar and massive; they act like stepping boards as they come down when doors are open.

The engine type is a V8 which can stock up to 6.2 litre petrol. The wild and masculine American turned African SUV generates 409 horsepower and is dangerously beautiful. Looks like the Africans got what they wanted. I wonder why they always are so wild. Mystery shall be revealed later.

–Kreation Guru


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