Tiida to be Lunched Soon in the Market

2012 nissan versa1 Tiida to be Lunched Soon in the Market

2012 nissan versa 21 Tiida to be Lunched Soon in the Market

2012 nissan versa 31 Tiida to be Lunched Soon in the Market

Leaf Nismo RC Concept car has been displayed in public. However, Nissan is also planning to launch more energy efficient Versa also known as Tiida variant in the market. Versa edition is a sophisticated car which is light in weight with a number of up-to-date tools and car design accessories. Versa hatchback is more elegant and fuel economic. The car will have dynamic features like easy to care infotainment system, electronic street nav accessories in unison with completely upgraded and properly tuned car upgradation kit.

The fuel wastage will be extensively under control as experts are very confident of the installation of highly sophisticated and result oriented tools to check the carbon emission to a great extent. The drive-train kit is not only durable but this will certainly bring more perfection to the car design and tuning programs. Powertrain will produce sufficient torque to reach the front and rear car wheels via automatic transmission. Power will travel via clutch disc hub to enter into the automatic transmission to ensure easy supply of torque and power to accelerate the revolution per minute or rpm rates in more organized way. Tire bands of the car wheels are durable and resistant to scratches.

Tiida will be manufactured and tuned in imitation of the Leaf Nismo edition. At a press conference, one of the official spokespersons of the company has told reporters and media associates that this car will not dampen nature by spewing the lethal fume in gyre. Nor is there any chance to release the harsh vibration while rushing via streets.

The engine co-efficiency rate is naturally low. Therefore, this vehicle can run smoothly even in storm and it will not create any technical disorder at the time of rushing. The street nav system is conducive to the proper nocturnal street monitoring and navigation. The car cabin will be equipped with retractable seats. The leather insulation provides extra safeguard to the car from erosion. Suspension dampers are capable of checking the road friction for increasing the stability.

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