Top-most yet humble: BMW 3 series

2011 BMW 3 Series 10 Top most yet humble: BMW 3 series

2011 BMW 3 Series 2 Top most yet humble: BMW 3 series

2011 BMW 3 Series 9 Top most yet humble: BMW 3 series

2011 BMW 3 Series 8 Top most yet humble: BMW 3 series

Introducing the BMW 3 Series, a compact executive car manufactured by the German Automaker BMW. A noble jack-of-all-trades with an assortment of various body panaches, BMW 3 series has made its dwelling in the arcade. And it is there to stay.

The BMW 3 series archetypes are doing their part to keep their price and demand high. Deplorably, for the Bavarian automaker, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Cadillac have not been doing too well in the market.

The BMW 3 Series is an excellent amalgamation of admirable highway performance with flawless luxury and outstanding safety features. This is why BMW 3 Series Sedan is called a sports sedan.

The BMW 3 Series reproductions combine the delight of driving and also good for daily use. There is a variety of range from the BMW 3 Series Sedan to BMW 3 Series Touring to BMW 3 Series Convertible to the BMW 3 Series Coupé. Also available are the exquisite sportyM3 models; BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M3 Coupé and BMW M3 Convertible.

It includes a capacity of up to 1,385 litres to securely accommodate additional gear. A total of twelve different diesel and petrol engines ensure a powerful drive. Designed with a powerful engine and well equipped, it gives first-rate road handling, a sleek contour and exclusive interior comfort.

Cadillac’s CTS Sedan is a variant of a coupe and station wagon whereas the Audi has introduced the odd A5 Sport back and A5 and S5 car to praise the A4 assortment. Even Mercedes-Benz will introduce the C-class coupe to the market. There are many grounds to distinguish, as a BMW 3-Series will be different from an Audi A4 / A5 excluding individual driving predilections and brand distinctiveness.

Apparently, the BMW 3-Series is absorbing its position as world’s much-loved small premium petite car. Even in this world of tough competition and changing preferences, BMW 3 Series is trying to be everybody’s favourite.

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