Toyota Etios in full swing

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What do we have in store for us this June? The car has had a delay of few months due to the Tsunami and Earthquake caused in Japan. Most of the parts come from Japan, and due to the natural calamities, they could not export parts. But now, Mr. Hiroshi, the Managing Director of Toyota is happy to announce that they will resume the production before we actually blink our eye lids. He also guarantees that there will be no delay now.

So, considering Mr. Hiroshi is cheerful and positive, we will get to see the all new ETIOS LIVA in end of June. At first Toyota was skeptical of producing this car as the car parts were getting delayed due to the disaster. But now there is good news spreading all over. All the Toyota lovers can now take a breath of relief as Etios Liva will soon be out in the arcade.

The Indians are way too happy as Etios Liva will be a perfect car for the Indian roads and will also be pocket friendly.

Though it has no safety features such as Air bag, ABS, fog lamp and traction control. But with a small amount, you can get this car and be a proud owner of an Etios Liva.

As for the comfort, Etios Liva is excellent. With a low range, Toyota has made sure they give the best to their customers. Toyota is surely there to stay in the Indian arcade. It is likely to do well in the Indian market as people go for the best buy with a best price and Toyota Etios is the best buy! It is an amazing looking sedan with 1.5 liter petrol engine. The price range of this lovely Japanese car will be between 3.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Not a bad deal for the Indian viewers. Now they can own a sedan with a reasonable price tag!

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