Transporter Hits The Roads Soon

VW Transporter Transporter Hits The Roads Soon

VW Transporter 5 Transporter Hits The Roads Soon

VW Transporter 7 Transporter Hits The Roads Soon

VW Transporter 10 Transporter Hits The Roads Soon

So we have good news for the car lovers or VOLKSWAGEN lovers out there! A renowned Volkswagen T5 van is all set to get launched in the arcade very soon. Well, that it what MR Designs have revealed lately! The all new TRANSPORTER is Volkswagen 5th cohort creation. The great news – yes! The GREAT news is that the T5 which is being built by the MR Designs themselves comes with a body equipment kit. ABT Sports line has established this body equipment kit and that is how this TRANSPORTER sports rear spoilers, front spoilers, brand new LED headlights and side skirts.

MRDesign has specially made a body equipment quit for the T5 which comprises of enormous 22inch dark black rims, a brand new sports exhaust system with 2tailpipes. The Transporter also sports air suspension which is proficient of dropping the height of the ride by 100mm. also, delivers 208 horsepower and a good 487Nmtorque.

MRDesign has made tremendous and striking modifications to the van. The price is yet to be disclosed though! The van is huge and can accommodate as many people. Actually, 7 is the maximum capacity. Kids fit anywhere! But adults would have to be not more than 7!

MRDesign team is offering an extra option to enhance the motor supremacy; it provides a performance enhancer kit which includes software advancement of the motor which delivers motor power up to 200 hp. Well, that comes with an additional cost, of course! Well, they offer other packages too that can enhance the performance of your T5.

The 2.0 litre diesel TDI with179 PS / 177 bhp makes this a good deal! Well, it is a smooth ride and it’s a Volkswagen so there are high hopes from this one. A good ride if you are going out for a camp or an outing and you have lack of space in your teeny meeny car!

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