Victoria’s Unsuccessful Secret, The 2012 Ford Crown Victoria

2012 Ford Crown Victoria Victoria’s Unsuccessful Secret, The 2012 Ford Crown Victoria

Victoria is in town? No! It’s FORD Crown Victoria which is creating the buzz. Though the release is somewhere near late 2011. But Victoria will take her own time. The model has not even given a glimpse of her in an auto show. Those elite little cars!

It is bad to comment about the upcoming Ford Crown Victoria, as we do not know much about the exteriors and interiors. What do the spy shots taken say? We can create an image, at least of the much awaited VICTORIA.

She also has a nickname – crown vic. Crown Vic won’t be a car that everybody would want to sport or drive. Well, the prototype of the Victoria did not work well in 2007. No good features and poor performance. Nobody wanted to take Victoria home. Safety was the only good thing the automakers kept in mind while making this car. No doubt this vehicle was made for elites or celebrities who want security all the time. This car would be a perfect choice for them. After the 2007 blunder, there are very low chances of resale of this vehicle.

Victoria has several good points: 1st being SECURITY. The feminine car shouts SECURITY. There is an advances anti-lock brake, energy saving, air bag for safety, shoulder belts, etc.

Victoria will not be a preference in U.S. as the citizens have had bad experiences.

Looks of this sedan? Well, Victoria sports a very classy and elegant look. A very feminine Sedan, it is flawless when it comes to exteriors. Good looking, it surely is! Good for a royal date or engagement! You would surely want to decorate this car with a JUST MARRIED sign for your wedding. Other than that, we have no idea what the features will be. I hope Ford does not create a blunder on the technical side this time and Victoria gives a better performance on road.

–Kreation Guru

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