Volkswagen Released Sportline Car Upgradation Kit

2011 Volkswagen Transporter Sportline Volkswagen Released Sportline Car Upgradation Kit

Volkswagen has recently launched fully revised sport line car upgradation kit which performs marvellously to upgrade the car. Newly revised car upgradation kit contains 2.5liter capacitated BiTDI diesel fed engine which generates 180 PS to van and kombi variants.

Wheelbases of the car will be durable and properly fixed to front and rear car axles. The introduction of 6-speed manual with 7 speed DSG transmission tool to the car upgradation package has been done with the sole purpose of upgrading the vehicles in more scientific way. Torque is channelized from powertrain to transmission and later it travels to reach car wheels for activation. The clutch system is more powerful and competent to enhance the channelization of the power and torque from engine to automatic transmission in more systematic way. The inner decoration of the car is excellent as experts have taken much care for the decoration of the interior space of the car cabin. You can throw a quick glance at the model car. You will be happy to learn that in the cockpit of the driver, there are few very important car accessories and tools which have been planted to accelerate the efficiency and aesthete of the vehicle.

Sport line car upgradation and tuning kit also provides trapezoidal chrome based grilles and easy to care headlight accessories. Fixation of fog lamps to the car cabin helps car drivers to do online street navigation perfectly even in the midst of cool snow and thick layer of smoke and fog. During wintry days, the car will run smoothly forcing the way through fog and smoke layers. The jet black coloured grilles are durable and conducive to the acceleration of the aesthete of the car vehicle. Side doors of the vehicle are lockable with escutcheons. There are retractable car seats; leather upholsters along with interior décor items. The odometer inside the car is competent to measure the mileage. This car is more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

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