Volkswagen to hit the tracks

VW Polo R WRC 6 Volkswagen to hit the tracks

VW Polo R WRC 5 Volkswagen to hit the tracks

VW Polo R WRC 4 Volkswagen to hit the tracks

VW Polo R WRC Volkswagen to hit the tracks

Rumours spread when they resonate, and so Volkswagen has declared that it will enter the WRC world with its very own team, introducing a 300-hp Polo R WRC. The new car is still under improvement and Volkswagen has publicized an exemplar in Italy. It will be powered by a direct-injection, coupled to a four-wheel drive system, turbocharged 1.6-liter TSI engine. It Includes High performance of a 300 hp and a peak torque of 258 lb.-ft, 350 Nm. Also this coupe has a four cylinder engine that delivers around 300 horsepower, fitted with a air restrictor of33-millimeter. The approximate weight of this car will be 2,645 lbs. The new PoloR WRC will have an aerodynamically-optimised body, with a gigantic wing at its back and extra-wide wheel-arches.

The WRC team will be run by Volkswagen Motorsport, which is the extremely efficacious racing division that won the Dakar rallies for three successive years.

Volkswagen has confirmed its tension of hitting the tracks and racing with the biggies.

The Turbo-charged Polo R WRC has a wide and stylish body.

Volkswagen and WRC are not strangers to each other, Volkswagen had participated in the event in the 1980’s.

Kris Nissen, Volkswagen’s motorsport head says “We can draw on an experienced and proven squad which has done an outstanding job in top calibre sport in the past few years. Even though the WRC is new territory for us and involves learning in many areas the team already meets some important prerequisites now as it brings an unwavering professional attitude and resolve to deliver absolute perfection to this commitment”.

Exact details of the car are yet to be revealed as there are some improvements and tuning to be done. But yes, expectations have risen from the new Volkswagen car!

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