Wittera – Launched New Car Tuning Tool

Wittera Corvette C5 Wittera – Launched New Car Tuning Tool

Wittera Corvette C5 2 Wittera – Launched New Car Tuning Tool

Wittera Corvette C5 3 Wittera – Launched New Car Tuning Tool

Wittera is considered to be one of the most well known German based auto tuners which have launched a number of sophisticated vehicles. However those who are in possession of Corvette C5 variant can be delighted to have wonderful sports vehicles which have undergone a number of changes. The special technical modification takes place to take care of the exterior part of the body of the vehicle. This sports car is extremely eco-friendly and fuel efficient. Wittera is such a world famous car designer and tuner that car aficionados are seeking for the cars which have been tuned by Wittera.

Right now a team of experts of Wittera have launched a new car upgradation kit for the improvement of Corvette C5 variant for better presentation. Conventional car models of Corvette C5 lineup were not aerodynamic in shape. This time Wittera has taken a properly tailored car upgradation and tuning program for bringing technical modification to the Corvette C5 version.

As a part of car upgradation program, Wittera has also done wonderful job by using the ultra light carbon fibers and glass sheet to insulate the walls and ceiling of the car compartment in more organized way. There will be better technical uniformity in the upgradation of the vehicle with much perfection. Comparing to conventional car models newly upgraded Corvette C5 models will be more aerodynamic with low roofline texture.

The interior décor of this sports car has been well taken care of by a team of experts who have applied a number of modern tools and car upgradation accessories to heighten the competency level of the vehicle. Corvette C5 variant will have energy efficient powertrain, suspension dampers, and automatic transmission tools. Over the conventional car models, this new car model is more energy efficient with excellent operating systems. The car wheels are properly adjusted to front and rear axle bars. Tire bands are durable and they are well fitted to wheelbases. Suspension dampers of C5 corvette model are capable of sucking shock and minimizing road friction to a great extent.

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