YUKON at it’s best

2012 gmc yukon YUKON at it’s best

GMC Yukon is considered to be the best deal when it comes to full size Sports cars. Yukon is quite identical to the Chevrolet Suburban – well, both are from the same company. The brand new Yukon is offering style for every pocket. You can now buy packages suiting your budget. The base model starts from 40000 dollars that is fully loaded. The hybrid costs 60000 dollars, so you can buy a Yukon with a budget that suits you.

What are the security features? On trim levels, passenger and driver airbags, side airbags and tire pressure control system is included.

A flexible and amazing looking vehicle, it is a very comfortable family car. With a towing capacity of 8200 lbs, Yukon can take your entire load without any regrets.

Powered by a 5.3 litre V8, this car has many features like tri zone cooling and heating, XM radio, amazing sound system of BOSE, 9 speakers, USB audio and Bluetooth. Also includes touch screen navigation and DVD player.

Talking of Hybrid Denali Yukon, it is powered by a 6 litre V8 engine which has dynamic fuel management and also provides high speed and performance. Features include heated seats and cold seats, leather upholstery, touch screen navigation, chrome rims measuring 22inch, tilted energized sunroof and DVD system.

GM’s unconventional 2-modehybrid marmalades energy via an electrically mutable diffusion, also there is a300-volt storing system plus a 332-horsepower which makes this car an efficient one. The Hybrid is capable to hasten using the electric motor.

Available in a classy black and white – they are the most popular colours and look great on the road. Denali Hybrid is masculine and huge – providing there is ample of space for you to put your goodies. Starting from $48,000 dollars, this car is worth it!

–Kreation Guru

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