Zoyte generating electricity or fire?

2011 zotye electric taxi Zoyte generating electricity or fire?

What is latest the China Town news? An electric taxi, Zotye burst into flames on 13th April, mid-afternoon in Hangzhou.

Fire-fighters hurried to the location where the fire took place in minutes but as they reached the car was already burnt, followed by ashes. Luckily, none of the passengers or driver was injured; they got out of the vehicle in time.

Hangzhou is known as the pioneer amongst Chinese metropolises in the production of electrical vehicles. In January, Hangzhou had declared that almost 15 electronic Zotye Multi plus and 15 battery cars, Haima Freama would function as cabs in its city and streets.

The initial plan was to make 200 units of this electronic car by the end of the year 2011. But of course after the unexpected fire ball accident, the city is skeptical. The exact reason for the fire is not yet known! A full investigation is likely to be carried out.

Media as usual has spread rumors that it was due to the over-heated battery pack. Wonder what media thinks of them? They think they are the cops who have the ability to investigate. Let the cops do their job in looking at this incident in detail.

The car weighs 2,640 lbs and has the maximum speed of 70 mph. But has a disappointing motor.

Well, this car is not ready for the U.S market. It needs a little more modification. But then, after the blast nobody trusts this so called eco-friendly electric car.

Also, the high price of this taxi does not make it worth buying. Let’s hope for the best for this Chinese electronic car. Though, there are fewer chances for it to maintain its position. Hangzhou’s dream has certainly shattered. What they need is a better and more reasonable.

–Kreation Guru

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