2011 BMW M6

2011 bmw m6 2011 BMW M6

The question with the present car fanatics is not to have only a car but to have a car that is a silent representative of his own self. The car speaks of his own style and status. On of such a car is 2011 BMW M6. It is due to hit the market in the early part of the following year. The car is however being tested presently for road viability in Europe.

The engine of the car is of eight hundred horse power capacity. The newly modified air box made of aluminum mounted on the top of the engine helps in natural response to throttle and with increased torque efficiency. The pistons of the car which comes with relatively lower compression and stiffness of increased quality lends to the better performance of the car as a whole. The engine can develop a torque equal to eight hundred Nm which is produced at the maximum of five thousands revolutions per minute.

2011 BMW M6 can generate a speed from static to one hundred kilometers per hour at less than five seconds and in less than ten seconds the speed can climb up to two hundred km/ph and up to a maximum of three hundred km per hour in less than twenty five seconds. The aerodynamic design of the car also affords such speed.

The car comes with a ABS which is quite laudable. Besides it also features control of stability mechanism, air bags at the front and at the side curtains and sensors for parking at the front as well as at the rear.

In the interior there will be thermally warmed front seats, automatic temperature control system, navigation with GPS for the ease of driving and HD satellite radio.

The car will be a fashion and a style statement for the car lovers who are eagerly waiting for its introduction in the market.

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