2011 e-Wolf Alpha-2 –More Energy Efficient

2011 e wolf alpha 2 2011 e Wolf Alpha 2 –More Energy Efficient

Comparing to conventional car models, the modern vehicles are fuel economic, energy efficient and more dynamic in color contrast. There has been a massive change in the car design as new tools and car accessories are used to upgrade the car more perfectly.

Recently the advent of 2011 e-Wolf Alpha2 variant is remarkable. There are a number of excellent features which have made the car more presentable and attractive in design. Better to say, e-Wolf engineers have squeezed their energy to standardize the technical upgradation process. This time a team of specially trained experts have been hired to remodel, upgrade and tune the vehicle by planting couple of electric powered motors which are supposed to generate 187hp. 2011 e-Wolf Alpha-2 has also alternative power boosting unit which can provide the backup up to 30 second to power the engine. The combined output of horsepower and torque is around 375hp and 800 NM torque. The sprinting time of Alpha-2 variant is 0-62 within 3.9 seconds. The topmost speed of the car is 143mph.

The basic information regarding technical specification has included lightweight compartment, street nav system, odometer, tire pressure measurement tool, climate checking device along with electronic infotainment system. The vehicle is absolutely eco-friendly and fuel economic. The wheels of the vehicle are durable, functional and wrapped with tire bands. The frontal part of the vehicle is designed with headlamp bezel with flanges. The air inlets, bumpers and side skis of the vehicle compartment are also available.

The interior space of the rear compartment has been filled up by installing squads and floor mat. Leather is useful and experts have used it to decorate upholsters and cushions of the car seats. The retractable squads with reclining features are good. The dampers are multi-functional as these shock absorbers perform nicely to bring stability and dynamism to the car. The exterior texture of the compartment of the vehicle has been painted in magnificent color.

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