2011 Suzuki V-Storm 650 to Launch in India

Suzuki V Strom 650 modifications 1024x916 2011 Suzuki V Storm 650 to Launch in India

Suzuki is a globally certified bike manufacturing firm which has opened more than 50 large and small subsidiaries, sister branches and outlets all over the world. Right now this internationally recognized company has chalked out a special plan to gift Indians new roadsters which are eco-friendly and fuel economic.

Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki GSX R1000, Suzuki Bandit 1250 and Suzuki Intruder are some of the specially upgraded versions which perform excellently outperforming other motorbikes. Suzuki has also done an experiment by opting for new marketing strategy. The company has taken decision at the conference that Suzuki will sell less powerful vehicles in the Indian market. Therefore comparing to internationally standard street hawks, Suzuki is interested to sell Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki GSX R1000, Suzuki Bandit 1250 and Suzuki Intruder which are also brilliant in design with excellent performance track record.

At a conference, one of the official spokespersons of the company has told reporters that without any delay the company will be hankering after the most profitable MOU with Indian big brothers in the automobile industry for spreading the dominance on Indian domestic market. To be frank, Yamaha is also such a well known company which has followed the suites by taking decision to sell less powerful street hawks in the very beginning as a part of commercial venture in the Asian countries. Yamaha FZ-16 and Yamaha R15 are lower versions of FZ1-2 versions in terms of vehicle upgradation and efficiency.

However, Suzuki is optimistic about their new global venture to capture Asian market. In a close-up interview, the company’s CEO has told reporters that very soon the company will start demonstrating to guide people how to operate these new light weight vehicles with comfort. These street hawks are energy efficient and fuel economic. The motorbike upgradation process has been carried out with perfection. Finally, Honda CBR250R, and Kawasaki Ninja 250R editions are also making historical records in Indian market in the international market. Ninja 650R and Hyosung 650R variants are the hidden cards which will be shown later for attracting Indian customers.

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