2012 LaCrosses with eAssist Technology- A Short Car Review

Buick LaCrosse 1 2012 LaCrosses with eAssist Technology  A Short Car Review

Buick LaCrosse 2 2012 LaCrosses with eAssist Technology  A Short Car Review

Buick LaCrosse 4 2012 LaCrosses with eAssist Technology  A Short Car Review

Buick LaCrosse concept car will be premiered and it is supposed to be launched into the international market in the first quarter of 2012 as per the official declaration made by the management group of Buick. E-Assist technology has been used to upgrade the car in different way. 2.4 liter capacitated V4 powertrain in well combination with direct fuel injection device and a sophisticated drive-train package have been installed into the one-off car model.

However, after the car show, official spokespersons of the company have stated that a number of doppelgangers will be found in the market as a part of trial to test the likelihood of the consumers. E-85 capacitated 3.6 liter V6 powertrain will also be inserted into the car engine compartment. The fuel efficiency of the car is really remarkable and noticeable. 2012 LaCrosse variant is really a matter of attraction for the car lovers who like to operate lightweight vehicles. 37mpg fuel efficiency capability has given a new added feature to the car.

In a news release, Detroit vehicle tuner has confirmed the usage of eco-friendly technology to make the car more glamorous. The front wheel drive 3.6 liter capacitated engine delivers 303 hp and 358NM torque. Comparing to 2011MY LaCrosse’s V6, the 2012 LaCrosse car produces 5 pound feet more torque. Besides, dual zone weather checking tools, 17 inch wheelbases with powerful drive train kit have been inserted into the car engine cabin. Bluetooth and electronic infotainment have also been installed into the car compartment for the acceleration of the sophistication and efficiency of the vehicle. This time experts have put emphasis on the technical configuration in more systematic way.

In future, at the time of the release of this theme car into the market, the company will take care of the internal technical upgradation of the vehicle using more reliable and environment friendly tools. However there is no official declaration about the introduction of this futuristic car for commercial purpose.

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