2012 MINI Coupé – Available in 4 Trim Levels

2012 Mini Coupe 2012 MINI Coupé – Available in 4 Trim Levels

The MINI Coupé is a concept vehicle and it is supposed to be released after few months starting from today. At a meeting, an aspirant representative of the coupe manufacturing company is very much optimistic about the positive outcome of the production of the coupe which will be seen in four variants like MINI Cooper S Coupé/ MINI Cooper SD Coupé/ MINI Cooper Coupé/ MINI JCW Coupé. MINI John Cooper Works Coupé will have aerodynamic shape with a properly fixed air spoiler and smooth roof surface.

The MINI Cooper S Coupé generates 181bhp and 240NM torque. This model is upgraded with 1.6 liter capacitated engine. MINI Cooper SD Coupé is tuned with 2.0 liter capacitated diesel fueled powertrain. This fuel economic and energy efficient engine delivers 305 NM torque and 141 bhp. The automatic transmission is capable of ensuring the smooth supply of torque to activate front and rear wheels of the vehicle.

There are other excellent features of this new concept model. For instance, the suspension dampers are efficient to absorb shock whereas clutch disc hub ensures the smooth channelization of torque to reach the automatic transmission. The rpm resonators are functional. The fluorescent light emitting from the headlamps is conducive to the nocturnal street navigation.

The car is eco-friendly. The interior portion of the car has been well taken care of by experts. They have felt it urgent to insert retractable car seats with leather upholsters. The front cockpit of the vehicle is also equipped with odometer, street monitoring tools and infotainment system to refilter mind by listening to swinging and bouncing music. This new car has low carbon emission tendency. The metallic struts are located close to the wishbone clamp of the car. The negative camber is comparatively high to create traction. The positive camber is manipulated and regulated properly. Wheel fenders are durable and useful to protect tire bands from erosion and weather roughness.

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