Citroën Launches The Exciting Model, Grey Matter special

Citroen ds3 Citroën Launches The Exciting Model, Grey Matter special

Cars of the modern times are not only a mere vehicle for communication or carriage but they are a life style statement speaking clearly about the owners taste and status thus the car manufactures are coming up with jazzy and innovative designer cars that are both good to ride and great to look at. Citroën is one such reputed car manufacturer.

Named after the famous industrialist from France, Andre Gustave Citroen, the company has started producing cars from 19129. It is one of the largest car manufacturer of cars in Europe and a dominant leader in the world. The company’s catch line, “creative technologie” itself speaks of the company.

The Citroën DS3 is a model introduced in 2009 and is the primary car to be introduced in the Different Spirit (DS) range. It is larger than an usual car plying on the city streets but a wee bit smaller as compared to a family car of smaller variety.

The company however never stopped there, they have recently come out with Grey Matter, a car of special edition whose production is limited to less than a thousand initially. It has a matte grey finish with chrome finish. The bespoke option is also available. One can decide the colour of the seventeen inch wheels made of alloy and roof. It can be either black or white. It has also chrome finished door and mirrors.

Citroën also offers a new model called Flavio with roof of golden color with contrasting brown paint.

The car namely Grey Matter special (new DS3 Collection) has become a style statement for all of the car aficionados of the world and there is no doubt that this car will become universally popular soon. The model has been priced at twenty thousand four hundred Euros and comes with a GPS system and leather finish upholstery.

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