Eric Leong’s Radical 2015 Toyota Prius – More Dynamic and Fuel Economic

2015 Toyota Prius 1 Eric Leong’s Radical 2015 Toyota Prius – More Dynamic and Fuel Economic

Radical 2015 Toyota Prius is the brainchild of Eric Leong. This futuristic vehicle will be more glamorous. The car designer has used his skill and innovative ideas to upgrade this theme vehicle which is much more energy efficient and fuel economic.

Eric is a brilliant car designer and he is famous for this brilliant concept and ides to upgrade the car in more organized way. The glass insulation is really excellent as the overall structural aesthete and charisma of the vehicle has increased to a great extent. However, commercially this concept vehicle has not been brought to car owners. Experts anticipate the advent of this eco-friendly car by the end of 2015. At the car exhibition the company has given a sample one-off car model for hands-on demonstration. This one-off vehicle is remarkably excellent and marvelous in design. Prius III hybrid variant is light in weight with fully decorated framework to cover the roof perfectly. The exterior portion of the vehicle is painted in color which is splendid to look.

The internal chips and tools of the car are odometer, street nav system, speedometer inclusive of tachometer, weather monitoring unit and tire pressure measurement tools. Glass insulated windscreens, wipers; glass screens to cover the side windows of the vehicle are attractive and beautiful in design. The frontal part of car is nice looking with trapezoidal grilles and air inlets.

The glass sheet has been used to wrap the outer hull of the car for the enhancement of aesthete of the car. Tire bands are durable and capable of producing traction. Car wheels are well fitted to axle bars. The compartment of the vehicle is really nice. There is a well decorated spoiler to ensure the better airflow inside the vehicle. The power train is competent to generate the torque in sufficient amount for the gearing up rpm rates.

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