Exciting BT-50 Freestyle from Mazda is revealed

Mazda BT 50 Freestyle 1 Exciting BT 50 Freestyle from Mazda is revealed

Who does not want to possess a car which is affordable, built with supreme state of the art technology as if seeming a bespoke model and overall something of a stunning design which will become a neighbour’s envy but an owner’s pride. The Mazda BT-50 Freestyle model is exactly the same dream car turned into reality. The Mazda BT-50 Freestyle will be launched at the International Motor Show in Australia more precisely in Melbourne.

Now let us speak a little about the model itself. The new model comes with more spacious opening. It has also worked on the improved level of comfort for its passengers at the rear seats as the seats have been designed to be longer more precisely larger by fifty millimeter with much higher backrest, higher by one twenty eight millimeter. This four seater Mazda BT-50 Freestyle model also comes along with better leg space and support. The cushions at the rear can be removed thus affording more space for extra storage. The larger tub also affords more storage space an overall volume of one thousand four hundred and fifty three litres as opposed to one thousand one hundred and eighty seven litres in the old model. This is quite an increase in the volume of storage space. It also has extended door opening without pillars. To speak precisely it has a width of one thousand four hundred and eight millimeter. Mazda BT-50 Freestyle has recently released in advance the picture of this soon to be launched car.

The company has not come out with the price of the model yet but one thing is for sure, the new Mazda BT-50 Freestyle will be put on sale some time during the later part of this year and we are no doubt waiting with bated breath to see the new Mazda BT-50 Freestyle being launched with all panache and grandeur at the ensuing car show.

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